May 22nd, 2014


Photography statement (alpha)

Доделал первую пробу конечного стейтмента -- пока что по фотографии, но нетрудно догадаться, что большая часть из этого относится и к стихам тоже.

1. Inanimate observation. Pointing.
2. No implied meaning. No question, no assertion.
3. Ambience.
4. Visual equivalent of parataxis.
5. Simplification turns everything into either an open or a closed system.
6. Nothing is natural.
7. A captured scene can not be inconsistent.
8. A sea could show a lack of a ship. A sea could also show a lack of a coast.
9. A tree can not be true or untrue, but is it there?
10. Not 'by', but 'through'.
11. All these aren't claims, they're sentences.
12. Not all aspects of the work are meant to be mentioned.

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